the word on the street

Collette Lash made me feel like we had been friends for years the first time I met with her, for my first shoot. She made it exciting and fun! She is a part of me now that I forever cherish. She helped me be comfortable in my own skin.  -Susi, Santa Clarita Ca

Life is unpredictable so I wanted to preserve images of me before I hit 60. It was fun and freeing and I felt like a kid again. Collette is a true artist and will capture your spirit gloriously. - Private Client, Santa Clarita Ca

Collette has a rare talent for bringing out the joy and beauty in her subjects. Shooting my portraits with her was so much fun! I'm rarely at ease in front of a camera, but with Collette I relaxed, had a great time and came out with the best photos anyone has ever taken of me. -Margaret, Nashville Tn

Collette has this amazing ability to bring out the inner beauty in a person, through her photography. It was not until doing a photo shoot with Collette that I was able to feel confidence in my profession through her photo of me. I always looked at having my picture taken as about as much fun as going to the dentist until I met Collette and had a photo shoot with her. Carefree, fun and full of life is what I would describe as our time together. It was a memorable adventure and the pictures were amazing. -Laure, Santa Clarita Ca


Collette always exceeds my expectations. She is a one of a kind person and artist, capturing life's emotions in the most incredible fashion. -Karen, Santa Clarita Ca

Collette Lash has a heart for beautiful. She sees the beautiful in everything and everyone. She will put your needs first. You will be treated with respect and dignity. No dream shot you imagine is too hard for her to accomplish.  If you desire still life landscape look no more she has the spirit of a true outdoor photographer because beauty is all around her.  -Joanna, Nashville Tn

I wanted to make a little surprise for my husband's birthday and wanted to have photos with just a light touch of sexiness but in very good taste. Collette made me relax which is usually very hard for me and the photos were lovely, pretty and sweet. Collette is a talented artist. -Evelyne, Santa Clarita Ca

Collette Lash is a magician. She made me feel like a movie star while making me so at ease during the whole process. I will treasure Collette's photos for my whole life. I cannot recommended her more enthusiastically. -Jennifer, Santa Clarita

Collette Lash Photography is simply exquisite. Her work is unique & often otherworldly. She has a special vision for every shoot she does & manages to bring out the inner model in each one of us. She is wonderful to work with & makes you feel so comfortable. I was going through an emotional time in my life when she did my shoot & I left in such a joyful state that it was like I was looking at life through a new lens. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have the CLP experience. -Aja, Santa Clarita Ca

I was lucky to experience this amazing photographer and be immersed in the magical process of creating with her. Highly recommend to everyone. -Tamysen Santa Clarita Ca

Collette Lash is an artist. The world is her canvas. What she captures with her lense is and talented eye is beautiful. No matter the subect, portrait, landscape, still life it does not matter . I am an actor and have had my photo taken by many but the shots Collette Lash did are some of my very favorite. I highly recommend her. -William, Weeping Water NE

Collette did some pin up style photos for my wife. I like them so much I picked my favorite and had it tattooed on my side.  She is a joy to work with, always smiling and a genuine person. -Cody, Santa Clarita Ca

An eye for discovering the best in her subject and the talent to capture it. -Joey Dillon, Los Angeles Ca

Collette is an amazing spirit and I believe it radiates through her subjects no matter what it be! She has an eye to capture just the right moment and to get just the right photo every time! We (heart) her. -Heather, Santa Clarita Ca

Collette has a wonderful knack for bringing out the true spirit of her subject. We spent a half a day wandering, looking for sites and having fun as well, she made me feel so comfortable it I forgot we were "working." I've used so many shots from that shoot in the last couple of years and still have many I can pick from that haven't been seen before. I usually hate the whole process but she made it feel like fun. -Gary Bennett, Nashville TN